1. Overview

1.1. The Kings County Library encourages the teamwork of staff and volunteers so that it can offer patrons the best service possible. Library volunteers enhance rather than replace the work of Kings County Library staff, enriching the Library’s programs and services. Volunteer opportunities offer citizens a way to contribute to the community, fulfill personal goals, achieve a sense of satisfaction, and learn more about the Library.

1.2. Volunteers also aid the Library in making the best use of its fiscal resources and in contributing to sound working relationships with other community groups and organizations. 

1.3. The purpose of the Kings County Library Volunteer Policy is to clearly communicate the role and expectations of library volunteers and the library procedure for accepting, selecting, training and supervising volunteers. 

2. Definition of Volunteer 

2.1. For this policy, a library volunteer is defined as an individual who assists with regular work done at, or on behalf of, the Kings County Library without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation for services rendered.  

3. Compensation and Benefits

3.1. Neither the County nor the Library provides any medical, health or benefits for any volunteer. 

3.2. Volunteers may receive accident benefits by Kings County in the event an accident occurs during the course of work on behalf of the Library. 

3.3. Nothing in this policy or in the volunteer's service to the Library shall create a contract or employment relationship between the volunteer and the Library.  

3.4. Both the volunteer and the Library have the right to end the volunteer's association with the Library at any time.  

4. Responsibilities

4.1. Upon the direction of the Director or Volunteer Coordinator, volunteers have the opportunity to assist the staff with various tasks throughout the Library.  

4.2. All volunteers are considered to represent the Library while involved in Library activities, particularly when dealing with the general public.  

4.3. All volunteers will still be required to conform to all the rules and regulations of the Library paid staff.

5. Recruitment

5.1. Volunteers shall be recruited without regard to any individual’s, race, creed, color, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, physical appearance, socioeconomic level, education level or any other legally protected characteristic. 

5.2. Volunteer screening and placement is the responsibility of the Volunteer Coordinator and additional supervisory staff.  

5.3. The Library cannot guarantee the placement of any person seeking to volunteer with the Library.  

5.4. Volunteers cannot work more than (4) hours per day.

5.5. Volunteers are selected based on their qualifications in relation to the needs of the Library. Volunteers are placed in positions best suited to their skills, interests and availability. The Library is not able to guarantee a position for each prospective volunteer and has the right to decline any application without cause. 

5.6. Volunteer placement is based on the following:

5.6.1. Needs of the Library at any given time

5.6.2. Qualifications of volunteer applicants

5.6.3. Volunteer's ability to commit to a consistent schedule of hours

5.6.4. Availability of staff time to supervise volunteers

5.7.Youth Volunteers

5.8. The Library welcomes volunteer applicants at least 16 years of age or older. Volunteers age 17 and under must have written permission from a parent or guardian. 

5.8.1. Youth volunteers can earn Service Learning/Community Service hours per school district requirements

5.8.2. Youth volunteers cannot work more than four (4) hours per day.

5.8.3. Youth volunteer placement is based on the following: Needs of the Library at any given time Qualifications of volunteer applicants Volunteer's ability to commit to a consistent schedule of hours Availability of staff time to supervise volunteers

6. Application & Review Processes

6.1. All library volunteer applicants must complete a volunteer application form. Forms are available at the library checkout desk and on the library’s website.

6.2. Applicants are interviewed for possible placement by the library’s volunteer coordinator. When relevant, testing of applicants may be required to determine eligibility for assignment.

6.3. If there are no suitable volunteer opportunities available immediately, application forms will be kept on file for a period of six months. Applicants are called if an assignment is identified which matches their interests and qualifications.

6.4. Volunteers 18 years or older must be willing to consent to a background reference check (fingerprinting) Volunteer placement is contingent upon the outcome of this check.

7. Volunteer Position Job Titles/Job Descriptions

7.1. Volunteer job descriptions are detailed in the Volunteer Manual

7.2. Volunteer job titles include the following:

•Book Mender

•Book Sale Coordinator


•Computer Coach

•Computer Lab Monitor

•History Room Assistant

•Local History Curator

•Online Book Sale Assistant

•Shelf Reader

•Special Events Assistant

•Teen Services Volunteer

•Toy Cleaner

•Veterans Benefits Coach

•Volunteer Coordinator

8. Volunteer Work Assignments, Training, & Supervision

8.1. Volunteers will not be scheduled until they have completed a library orientation and training and have reviewed all relevant library and county policies and procedures.

8.2. A Library volunteer will be scheduled for assignments by the volunteer coordinator or designated library staff member. 

8.3. Typically, volunteers will be scheduled to work on a consistent schedule, depending on the library’s needs. 

8.4. Volunteers should contact the volunteer coordinator before their assigned shift if they will be absent or tardy. 

8.5. A pattern of absences or tardiness may be cause for a volunteer to be excused from assignment. 

8.6. Volunteers who are family members of library staff may not be placed under the direct supervision of their family member. 

9. Restrictions

9.1. Volunteers must sign in to begin their work day and must wear Library volunteer badge during their shift.

9.2. Volunteers will not receive training in the Library's circulation system nor will they be allowed access to the patron database.  

9.3. Volunteers will not be allowed access to non-public areas when not volunteering.  

9.4. Volunteers may not:

•Perform activities that could reveal confidential patron information.

•Use the Integrated Library System (ILS).

Reviewed by the Kings County Library Advisory Board on September 28, 2017