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Zipbooks now available


The Kings County Library has been selected by the California State Library to participate in a project called “Zip Books for Rural Libraries”, which provides a direct to you book delivery service. Thirty libraries throughout the State of California are participating in the 2017/2018 project. The Zip Books project is funded through a statewide project of the NorthNet Library System, funded by the California State Library.

Q:  How does Zip Books work?

A:  If you request a book or audiobook that the Kings County Library does not own, the Library will try to purchase the item and have it shipped directly to you rather than borrow the item from another library. When you are finished with your item, you simply return it with the accompnaying gift slip to your local library branch.

Q:  What is eligible for Zip Books?

A:  Books (regular or large print) that cost up to $50 (pre-tax) that the Kings County Library does not own are eligible for Zip Books. Audiobooks or foreign-language items that cost up to $75 (pre-tax) that the Kings County Library does not own are eligible for Zip Books. Kindle ebooks, Audible audibooks, videos or DVDs are NOT eligible.

Q:  Who can use Zip Books?

A:  Registered borrowers in good standing of the Kings County Library are eligible.

Q:  How do I use Zip Books?

A:  Ask for a Zip Books request form. Library staff will help you complete the form. After you complete the Zip Books request form, you will be given a Zip Books information sheet. Library staff will try to purchase the requested item through Amazon and have the item shipped directly to you. Library staff will notify you if we are unable to fill your request through Zip Books.

When you are finished with your item, simply return it to your local library branch, along with accompanying gift slip. You will then be given a customer satisfaction completed survey. The gift slip identifies the item as a Zip Book and the survey provides required grant feedback. Although you will not be given a due date for the item, we ask that you return the item in 3 weeks.

Q:  May I request more than one item through Zip Books?

A:  You may request another item when you return the one that was shipped to you.

Q:  What happens to the book/audiobook after it is returned?

A:  The Librarian will review the item and decide whether or not to add the item to the Library's collection or set it asisde for future Friends of the Library book sales.

Q:  What if I have more questions?

A:  Please email Tamara Evans, Digital Services Librarian, at for more information.

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