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George the Giant

George the Giant is an expert in sideshow stunts; he walks on glass, hammers a nail into his head, puts a ballon into his nose and partially out from his mouth and the blows it up, and lies on a bed of nails-and these are just some of his stunts. Come meet George and also learn about the history of sideshows! 

Fratello Marionettes

This classic Fairytale is the story of the spoiled Princess Ofelia on the day of her birthday celebration. The Court Jesters have come to entertain us with their acrobatic feats. We soon discover that the wicked witch has transformed a handsome Prince into a frog and he is destined to live out his life in the wishing well. While playing in the meadow, the Princess Ofelia accidentally drops her new golden ball into the well. The Princess promises to grant the frog three wishes before he will retrieve her ball.

Summer Reading Program Sign-Up Week

Stop by the library this week to sign up for the "Reading By Design" Summer Reading Program sponsored by the Friends of the Kings County Library! The "Reading By Design" Summer Reading Program will take place Monday, June 12 - Saturday, July 22 and events will be held at all Kings County Library locations. See flyers for more information.


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